Changing My Approach to Art Journaling

For the past two years I have had the same approach to art journaling: participate in as many challenges and create as much as possible.

That’s worked well for me and I have developed a lot in my style and my ability to create quickly.

But towards the second half of 2018, art journaling started to feel less like a hobby and more like a chore.

I needed to find a new approach.

In September I started a journal just for me. I don’t show it online and the only other person who sees it is my therapist. It’s an art journal where I feel I have more freedom, where I don’t have to think about what others will think or how many likes it will get.

I’ve also started to create individual pieces to sell, and found that sometimes they take up most of my time and I don’t have as much time to work in my journals.

Still, I have loved my urban drawing projects and spreading a little bit of my art around the world gives me so much joy.

So I am changing how I do things. I want to find ways to share my talent with others without feeling like I am just doing it for the likes.

I won’t be serving on the Get Messy Creative Team next year, and I won’t be participating in any collaborations other than a few I am finishing up from this year.

I won’t focus on having a bunch of journals. The only challenge I plan to do is a My Day Arted challenge and documenting my year through Traveler’s Documents.

Instead I will focus on just creating in my art journals on a regular basis, creating when I need to create. I want to focus on developing a new body of work, opening up an Etsy store, and finding ways to teach art online and in person.

It’s a new challenge for me and it’s scary. I’ve never thought I would want to sell my art or teach. But being on Get Messy this past year has shown me how much I enjoy showing others my art process. I still have so much to learn but it’s time I think of art not as something I do for fun, but as a way of life.

It’s time to tell people I am an artist.


5 Replies to “Changing My Approach to Art Journaling”

  1. I love this, Moriah! And I can relate to so much of what you are saying. I wish we could go out for a coffee and talk!!! Wishing you all the best for an awesome 2019. It’s gonna be wonderful. Lots of love xxx

    1. Thank you! Lots of love to you as well.
      I am going to be in London in the first weekend of March, let’s try to meet for coffee then!

  2. This is awesome! I too have been thinking I need to start journaling just for me…but like actually journal and write out my thoughts instead of focusing so much on the art part, which I find to be the fun easy part. I’m simplifying (even more) the journals I keep too. Having too many journals going at once never works out well for me. I kind of want to fill them up one by one as I go. This is a great approach and I think you’ll do great!

  3. This is exciting news, Moriah! I’m always delighted to discover what I like best and what I don’t like so much and what is/isn’t working for me. Good for you! Best of luck on your new goals!

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