Spring Daily Moleskine

It’s been a while since I’ve posted my Daily Moleskine but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been creating! It’s been a crazy couple of months with school and preparing for my upcoming trip to China (if you have advice of things to see or do in Beijing or Shanghai, please comment below!).

While I did manage to create, I didn’t always create everyday. Some of the pages were created in one day, especially during the end of March. I only picked out the pages that are my favorite, but there are still a few pictures.


Somedays I create things that remind me of things that happened that day, other days I will create something abstract. I use the Daily Moleskine project (which was started by Jules Tea) less as a way to remember my life and more as a way to represent my life.


These are probably my three favorite pages, and also the most abstract. Even though they are abstract they also have a lot of meaning of things that happened to me those days. For example, I used an owl because that was the day he came to London to visit me for a few weeks and owls happen to be his favorite animal.


I became very inspired by the start of spring. Flowers were everywhere in London and there were so many vibrant colours. Even though it was still very cold, I didn’t mind as much.


This is when I started to get busy in March, hence simpler pages.


I was learning a lot of new techniques in Get Messy’s season of art during these weeks, so a lot of the pages are less me representing the days and more experimenting with different abstract techniques.


I have no idea what is happening in this page ( I don’t actually remember what it was supposed to mean) but I still like it.


I went to Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day (I know, I know, it was a very American thing to do), which is what all of these pages are about. I used brochures I found in the city and experimented with some tutorials from Get Messy.


I ended the month of March with yet another trip to Spain. Hopefully next time I will be able to keep up with blogging and post my Daily Moleskine’s sooner.


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