Season of Giving

December was a tough month for me mentally. It was my first time not celebrating Christmas at my parents. On top of that, I had a bunch of papers to write (in the English Uni system finals are for about a month after classes end, so you often end up studying or writing over Christmas break). And then ofcourse, London weather is very dark and foggy during the winter, which didn’t help things.

I did find a little bit of comfort in my art journaling. I am part of an art journaling community called Get Messy, which includes art tutorials and weekly prompts for each themed season, which lasts about six weeks. The last season (which ran from the end of November to early January) was about gifts.


Needless to say, this season was difficult for me. While there are a couple of pieces I am proud of, creating them was very difficult for me. It was hard for me to see what there was to be thankful for, let alone be happy about the holiday season. But as difficult as it was, it helped me get through a rather dark time and learn to be thankful for what I did have: a great Christmas with my boyfriend and his family in France, a chance to explore the holiday season in London, and a chance to see an old friend and meet some new ones.


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