Daily Moleskine

One of my personal projects this year is documenting my life through art. The #mydayarted movement was started by Jules, who created a beautiful journal last year. I joined the bandwagon for 2017 with a small, hardbound Moleskine daily journal. Check out my entries for January below.


Colour Blast: Mint

I was asked late last year to join a world-wide colour journal collaboration. I just completed mint in the Colour Blast 2017 collaboration. I thought I would have a lot of problems with completing the pages but I realized I actually have a lot of minty blueish colours in my scrap collection.     Check out my …

Season of Giving

December was a tough month for me mentally. It was my first time not celebrating Christmas at my parents. On top of that, I had a bunch of papers to write (in the English Uni system finals are for about a month after classes end, so you often end up studying or writing over Christmas …