Tribute to the middle class

Cheers! to the calling of life, the gossip, the talk, the day to day boredom that leaps at the edge of everyone’s tongue.

“Did you, so and so, no way! For how long? I never knew that, aren’t you the one who…”

A “catching up” of sorts, they say. A chatting of the 9-5, the work and thrive.

Cheers! raise a toast to a merriment disguised, to the laughter of the mask hidden behind the dullness of it all.

Raise the sparkling clean glass with the matching fork, the chandelier above just “avent grande” – the real estate agent said it was just divine and really made the place- an extra $100,000 of slavery to a desk you didn’t have.

Raise and toast to the life you thought you were supposed to have- the life that leaves an empty hole and as you drain your fifth glass of beer, leaves you wondering why.



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