Welcome to the Illustrated Life of Moriah Costa



32349982_1819092894778683_1264813829393481728_o.jpgI’m Moriah Costa and this is my life, one art journal at a time.

I’m a 26-year-old journalist, artist and writer based in Madrid. I was born in the U.S., then fell in love with a French-Irishman, quit my job, and moved to Europe.

I focus on multi-media book art and art journaling. My inspiration comes from traveling and combining vintage materials with  modern, bright colors.

Email me at moriahcosta@gmail.com for commissions and questions. You can also sign up for my newsletter here.




We have all heard of work-life balance. It’s supposed to all work out: you have your job, a hobby, time for family and friends. Only very rarely does it work out that way. In Spain, work-life balance is prioritized even more than I am used to in America. At work we are strongly encouraged to …